Day & Zimmermann Donates 100 Care Packages to Support Active Duty Military in the Greater Philadelphia Region

D&Z donates more than $2,000 as Ambassadors for the Liberty USO Christmas in July Program

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (May 21, 2013)  – Day & Zimmermann, the century-old family-owned provider of construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and governments around the world, announced today its partnership with Liberty USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey to provide 100 care packages for active duty men and women in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The D&Z Veteran’s Employee Resource Group (VERG) collected more than 1,000 items, generously donated by employees, and assembled 100 care packages as part of the Liberty USO Christmas in July program. The company supplemented employees’ efforts with funds to cover additional care package contents, assembly and shipping costs, for a total donation of more than $2,000.

“Day & Zimmermann is a first time ambassador to our Christmas in July program and they have done a tremendous job fulfilling the care packages,” said Joe Brooks, President & CEO of Liberty USO. “We’re overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support the employees have shown to help enhance the quality of life of the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their families that we serve year round.”

To further educate employees and leadership of D&Z VERG, the volunteers will be personally thanked by members of the PA National Guard and Brooks at a special event today. After the presentation of packages, employees will hear first-hand how Liberty USO provides support, comfort, morale boosting and recreational activitiess to service members and their families, as well as what these care packages mean to troops receiving them.

“As a company that works closely with the U.S. Military, Day & Zimmermann is extremely proud to support Liberty USO’s summer program and literally make the day for 100 U.S. Armed Forces active duty men and women in our community,” said John DiMarco, President, Government Services at Day & Zimmermann. “The Veteran’s Employee Resource Group had overwhelming support from the staff in item donations, as well as volunteers willing to assemble the packages. This is one of many programs we host to help continuously improve the emotional and physical needs of troops serving our country.”

Items collected for the care packages include DVDs, gum, cards, flip flops, puzzle books, beef jerky, protein / granola bars, trail mix, powered drink packets and hard candies. The company also partnered with Knauss Foods, who donated 100 packages of Beef Steak for the care packages.


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