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At Day & Zimmermann, We do what we say.® We deliver on our commitments, every time -- but we don't just get the job done. We get it done ethically, safely and with integrity.

In the end, it all comes down to trust. Trust in our unfailing performance. Our uncompromising consistency. Our unflagging dependability. For more than a century, Day & Zimmermann has delivered services reliably and consistently -- with an unshakable focus on integrity -- to meet the changing needs of global businesses.

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Ethics and Compliance Program

Our Ethics and Compliance Program is founded on Day & Zimmermann's Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct and includes a comprehensive training program that consists of both classroom and online courses that help our employees meet their responsibilities in conducting business in an ethical manner, thereby preserving and enhancing our reputation. In addition, our program is supported by a network of Ethics Officers throughout our office locations, an Ethics Help Line (877.319.0270) an Ethics Violation web site to report any issues, and an Ethics Committee that provides general oversight, issues resolution and program guidance.

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The 9 Step Process Company Values Code of Conduct Risk Assessment Ethics and Business Conduct Policy Awareness Training Communication Plan and Awareness Initiatives Inquiry and Reporting Mechanisms Program Assessment and Evaluation Leadership Commitment
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Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct

With significant business in the defense sector, Day & Zimmermann is an active member of the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct (DII). DII is a nonprofit association of responsible U.S. defense companies commited to conducting business affairs at the highest ethical level and in full compliance with the law. Through regular meetings and conferences, members share information and best practices on the latest issues in ethics and compliance, as well as provide training on how to comply with contracting laws both at home and abroad.

Chair & CEO Hal Yoh: 2018  Defense Industry Initiative (DII) Best Practices Forum
Our Chair & CEO Hal Yoh spoke about the value that the DII provides to our organization and reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring a culture of integrity at Day & Zimmermann in his Opening Remarks at the 2018  Defense Industry Initiative (DII) Best Practices Forum.

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Transparency International's Defense Companies Anti-Corruption Index

Also Day & Zimmermann, for the second time in a row, received an ‘A’ ranking from Transparency International's Defense Companies Anti-Corruption Index.  D&Z is one of 17 companies to receive an A ranking based on this assessment which in 2015 assessed the ethics and anti-corruption programs of 163 defense companies from 47 countries around the world.


For more information on Day & Zimmermann's Ethics and Compliance Program, or to report a related issue or concern, please contact Joseph Gordon, Associate Counsel, Wage & Hour Compliance and Chief Ethics Officer, at 215-299-1550 or joseph.gordon@dayzim.com.

Day & Zimmermann maintains a toll-free Ethics Help Line (877.319.0270) to report suspected illegal or unethical behavior within the company. Suspected violations can also be reported online at: https://dayzim.ethix360.com. Both methods of reporting are confidential and there will be no retributions or reprisals for reporting a suspected violation in good faith. We have a strict zero tolerance policy against retaliation.