Day & Zimmermann is a leading provider of munitions. With a diverse portfolio of products and facilities, including our American Ordnance unit  and our recent purchase of Empire Products, Day & Zimmermann’s capabilities include close combat, medium to large caliber direct fire, large caliber indirect fire, as well as energetics and devices.

Department of Defense Partner for Over a Century

Day & Zimmermann has played a vital role in the defense of our nation and continues to provide support to the US Armed Forces and those of allied nations. We are a premier manufacturer of munitions and a provider of munitions support services both within the US and Internationally. Our product portfolio includes both legacy and current munitions as well as future developments in airburst, area denial, and unique solutions in fuzing, safe and arm devices, and ignition safety devices.

Rheinmetall Day & Zimmermann Munitions (RDZM)

As a part of Day & Zimmermann’s pursuit of next generation munitions and capabilities for the US munitions inventory, Day & Zimmermann and Rheinmetall of Germany have formed a joint venture, Rheinmetall Day & Zimmermann Munitions.

RDZM combines the Rheinmetall Group’s expertise in ammunition design and development with D&Z’s outstanding manufacturing capabilities. This joint venture strengthens both companies providing the most advanced munitions technologies and products to the American warfighter. Combining forces will allow us to continue to raise the standards of safety, quality and to maintain our relentless commitment to innovation