Ordnance Operations, Management & Operations (M&O) and Security for Largest Global R3 Demilitarization Complex

SOC, a Day & Zimmermann Company, is the operating contractor for the U.S. Army’s facility with the largest capability for premier R3 (resource, recovery, and recycle) ammunition storage and demilitarization in the world. Since 1980, D&Z has successfully managed ordnance operations including demilitarization of conventional ammunition, ammunition supply and storage operations, with facility support services, environmental services, program management, and security, installation security, fire and emergency services at this Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facility supporting the Joint Munitions Command.

While operating with a strong safety record and using an environmentally responsible disposal processes, SOC has safely demilitarized nearly 80,000 tons of ammunition, since 2010. SOC’s security personnel have been integrated with the customer to secure ammunition in an area spanning over 200 square miles, consisting of nearly 500 administrative, production, and maintenance facilities. From August 1999 to present, SOC has continuously been the M&O contractor providing munitions operations, base operations, equipment management, environment, safety and health, technical security and security systems monitoring, and protective services.