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Meet Our People

The best way to learn about life at Day & Zimmermann
is to hear from the people who are living it.

Working at Day & Zimmermann

Alberto Cruz

Controller at Day & Zimmermann, Munitions

Listen to Alberto talk about his extensive 22-year career at Day & Zimmermann. He is a prime example of D&Z's commitment to developing and promoting internal talent and allowing our colleagues to grow in all areas of the organization.

Meet Gene

Director of Operations
Day & Zimmermann

"One of the most challenging, and rewarding, parts of my job is building a high-performing team. The diversity of the team is critical to bringing innovation to the project and delivering success."
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Meet Launia

Vice President, Human Resources, DZMGDay & Zimmermann

"I’m very loyal not just to my organization, but also to my candidates. If I think a candidate is a good fit for a role that I’m not recruiting for, I’ll definitely speak on their behalf. I work with integrity."
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Meet Josh

Senior Manager, Client Services
Yoh, a Day & Zimmermann Company

“If I had to describe it in one word it would be 'networking.' That’s really the key to being successful in account management – building key relationships with extremely busy individuals."
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Meet Stephan

Corporate Talent Acquisition
Day & Zimmermann

“My expectations have been surpassed in every aspect! From day one I’ve felt as though I’m part of the team and every day has felt as though a plan is in place for me to learn and grow."
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Meet Bari

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Mason & Hanger

“My favorite memories at Mason & Hanger involve good meals with fun coworkers on travel, or watching F-22 raptors take off at Tyndall Air Force base, or working on a facility for something that’s never been put in a building before.”
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Meet Leanne

Director, Compliance & Training / Ethics Officer
SOC Nevada, LLC

“If you stay focused, informed, don’t take things personal and always stay respectful of others, all will work out well. I am one of those people that believes in doing things correctly, by the book and completely and I think that’s why I’m a natural for Quality Assurance and Compliance.”
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Meet Marcia

Vice President, MSP

want to make sure that whatever I’m providing the customer with is the best option, practice or opportunity for them. I feel that my sincerity in my job is shown through my performance and results." 
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Meet Drew

Production Recruiter, US Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.)
Day & Zimmermann

“When I realized the great extent of support Day & Zimmermann provides in service to our country, I just had to join the team." 
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Meet Kathy

Contracts Administrator

“Always give your 110% in everything you do! You never know what opportunities may present themselves, so you always want to leave a great lasting impression."
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Meet Angela

Deputy Program Manager

“It’s OK to feel uncomfortable. Work outside of your comfort zone as much as you can, it forces you to grow and expand your way of thinking.”
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Meet John

QC, Training Coordinator
Day & Zimmermann

“Try to prime yourself with education, and listen to those who you work with. Accept their constructive criticisms, ask questions and have a great attitude -- that's probably the most important thing."

Meet Carrie

Production Operator
American Ordnance, a Day & Zimmermann Company

“I’ve also seen a lot of changes and improvements in the grounds and the facilities here, and that’s been a positive thing for the workforce, too.”
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Meet Chef Doraid

Head Chef

"It’s rewarding when I look at the bigger picture, understanding that my staff serves over 90 thousand meals in a year to a workforce that is sacrificing everything to protect national security interests, including keeping us safe."
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Meet Shea

Test Range, Supervisor
American Ordnance, a Day & Zimmermann Company

“Knowing what I know about the rounds, I can make sure it functions well for the soldier. I really like that about my job.”
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Meet Heather

Senior Plans Analyst, Plans & Operations

“When faced with a new challenge, I always take a step back and remember what a co-worker once said, ‘If it’s not challenging, it’s not rewarding.’ Let us always appreciate the challenges.”
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Meet Bandy

Quality Engineer Intern – Medium Caliber and Direct Fire Business Units
American Ordnance

"My mentors do a great job of assigning me projects suitable to my level of knowledge and skill, most of which are challenging enough to be educational and expand my knowledge without being so challenging that I feel lost and don’t know how to approach or complete them."
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