Day & Zimmermann, through American Ordnance, has safely pressed more bonded plastic explosives than anyone else in the world. Development capabilities support a full range of ammunition items including explosive forming and missile warhead assembly.

warhead production



We have the ability to: 

  • Press over-sized warheads on a mechanical press
  • Cast warheads
  • Machine warheads to final configuration
  • Test fire
  • Diagnose performance and adjust designs to achieve desired result

Highly trained engineers and technicians work with customers to significantly reduce time and costs involved in moving a system from concept to production.


  • LX-04, 10, 14, 17
  • Castable PBX’s
  • Comp A3 & A5
  • Comp B & H6
  • PAX-2A, 3, 30, 42
  • PBXN-5, 9, 11
  • HNS
  • TNT
  • Octol
  • HTA3


  • Hellfire
  • Longbow
  • Javelin
  • TOW 2A and 2B
  • Sidewinder
  • Tank Warheads
  • Viper
  • Mongoose
  • WAM
  • M982 Excalibur

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