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Bridge Crane Installation Project

The lifting setup employed multiple telescoping gantry systems and a hydraulic turntable to lift and rotate components. Approximately 5.3 million pounds of material was rigged and lifted over the course of the project.

Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) provided management, supervision, and civil and electrical craft labor to install a 250-ton multiple-girder bridge crane at a nuclear power plant in 2015. The D&Z projects team as well as representatives from the utility received the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Top Industry Project (TIP) Maintenance Award for the innovative use of a gantry crane in the plant’s turbine building.

Multiple telescoping gantry systems and a hydraulic turntable were used to safely lift and rotate components for the new bridge crane. Two 88-foot girders weighing as much as 110,000 pounds were lifted 60 feet above the turbine floor between two operating units. D&Z was responsible for oversight of the project, including the rigging subcontractors. More than 5.3 million pounds were rigged and 290 lifts were performed over the course of the project. The project was completed with zero safety incidents in the 40,000 hours worked.

The innovative lifting approach saved the utility an estimated $18 million on the project, and the company will realize additional savings in future outages.

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