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Safety is Our #1 Value

We take on high-risk work in hazardous environments for some of the largest companies and government groups and are relentless in our commitment to preventing injuries and accidents.

For more than a century, we have shared a personal and professional commitment to protect the safety and health of our employees, our customers, partners, contractors and communities we serve. Safety as a value takes many forms. It can be as simple as pointing out a potential hazard in a project and discussing alternatives, or as complex as drafting new safety standards in industrial operating environments. Even the smallest efforts can make a big impact.

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Day & Zimmermann has a safety campaign called, Why Not Zero?® Our goal is to focus the entire organization on injury prevention. Although we are not at zero yet, we have seen steady progress over the years, and the campaign has helped convince even the most skeptical among us that zero injuries is possible. To get to zero requires the right mindset and the right safety behaviors that, when practiced consistently, are proven to prevent.


Mike Yoh, President of Government & Munitions at Day & Zimmermann serves as Chairman of the Safety Council

Day & Zimmermann Safety Council

Comprised of safety leaders representing each of Day & Zimmermann's business units, the Council exists to address emergent safety challenges across the variety of industries we serve.

Reviewing each unit's safety performance and sharing lessons learned are just part of the Council's quarterly meetings. Annually, the Council plans a two day summit, inviting key leadership and management personnel from across the company to participate in an intense review of the state of our safety culture, key trends and issues and strategic plans. Most recently, the challenges addressed by the group included off-the-job safety for our employees and pandemic preparedness for our own company and our customers' operations. 

Safety Awards

National Safety Council Recognizes HWAD for Two Achievements

The first award given to HWAD was the Significant Improvement Award which recognizes a 20%-or more- reduction in the total number of employee injuries or illnesses resulting in lost time from the previous year’s performance. HWAD’s 2015 performance saw a 33% reduction in lost time incidents over the previous year.

The second award given by the NSC was the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award. This award is honored to programs that have reported injuries and illnesses that resulted in lost time equal to or less than 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) rating for their industry North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code) with no fatalities during the calendar year. HWAD’s performance rating was 67.53% lower than the 2015 BLS rating with a notable 42% reduction from the previous year’s performance.


SOC, at the Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD) in Nevada was recognized by the National Safety Council (NSC) for meeting the criteria for two safety awards.