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Delivering safe and cost-effective services in Canada and for more than half of the U.S. nuclear fleet, including constructing AP1000, small modular and advanced nuclear reactors, and fusion technology.

What We Do

Maintenance & Modifications

Our Total Accountability Model provides a single point of contact driving accountability across safety, human performance, cost, schedule, quality, and resource supply.

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Projects & Construction

Our teams are familiar with, and have worked on, virtually every primary and secondary plant system in both outage and non-outage environments, routinely executing critical and near-critical path work scopes.

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Welding Services

Our experienced, highly qualified welders perform everything from large turn-key projects to small emergent scopes for nuclear and fossil utilities nationwide.

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Valve Services

Our diverse services include valve repair and repacking, AOV/MOV repair and diagnostic testing, safety relief valve testing and repair, training, and mobile and in-place machining.

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From scaffolding design to decontamination and storage, our planning and implementation process is designed to reduce or consolidate scaffold use.

Radiological Protection

Our radiological services include a comprehensive array of health physics, decontamination, and radiological support services and personnel.

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Security Screening

The Security Services management team offers more than 50 years of experience with NEI guidelines and compliance. D&Z is recognized for its innovative training program.

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Protective Coatings

Durability, performance, and aesthetics, the Coatings Team specializes in delivering cutting-edge coating solutions tailored to meet your industry's unique needs.

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Facts About Nuclear Power

Nuclear is the number one source of carbon-free energy in the world.

Comprises 60% of the carbon-free energy output in the United States.

Industry operated at 92% reliability last year which was a new record.

Success Stories

Record diesel generator rebuild project
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Vertically-Mounted, High-Pressure Feedwater Heater Replacements

Technical expertise, welding and rigging partnerships, and a managed-task approach saved a customer more than $2 million on two challenging feedwater heater replacements.

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Bridge Crane Installation Project
Featured Story

Unit Station Service Transformer Replacement

More than 1,500 feet of conduit were installed along with 32,000 feet of cable during a unit station service transformer and ground circuit breaker replacement project.

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