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Overcoming Accelerated Schedules & Unexpected Challenges

An unexpected chain of events led to moving up a confidential client’s scheduled 5-week outage by one week. Day & Zimmermann and the client’s plant team worked closely and acted quickly to move up the mobilization of required staff, craft, and tools to safely complete the necessary outage projects. The outage was completed ahead of the planned schedule while utilizing fewer craft hours than the original budget for a net savings to the customer of approximately 5%. 

Once the outage began, and the unit could be better diagnosed, Day & Zimmermann and its customer identified unanticipated repairs and tube replacements that would be required to fix the auxiliary boiler. However, the site had straight tubes on hand but no equipment to complete the required bends. Despite this additional challenge, Day & Zimmermann was able to source the necessary equipment from a local vendor with the help of the customer to properly bend the tubes, complete the added scope during the same outage schedule, and pass hydro-testing with ZERO leaks on the first attempt. By coming in ahead of schedule on the original outage scopes, Day & Zimmermann was able to utilize the cost savings from the main boiler outage work to completely offset the auxiliary boiler repairs. In doing so, it was able to provide its customer with two jobs for the price of one. 

These unexpected challenges were no problem for Day & Zimmermann to overcome and complete the necessary maintenance work that keeps the plant operational and safe.  Given our deep staffing experience and industry connections, and the close alignment and support from the client’s site team, we were able to fully staff the outage with qualified workers and secure all required materials and equipment in this accelerated timeline. As a result, the Day & Zimmermann team was able to complete 1,300 pressure part welds, replace 20 burner assemblies (including associated repairs) to the wind box and surrounding areas, and repair 52 superheater tubes. Additionally, Day & Zimmermann completed all 34 defined tasks well within the five-week outage window, which was essential considering the thousands of homes in the local surrounding areas that rely on the generation and transmission cooperative’s power plant for their electricity needs. 


Project Highlights:

  • Zero OSHA recordable events
  • Completed 1,300 pressure part welds with a reject rate of 1.54%
  • Saved the client 5% on a multi-million-dollar budget
  • Leveraged these cost savings to complete an entirely separate project within the original budget 



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