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If you have a balance in the 401(k) Plan, contact Principal if your address changes after your employment terminates. You can update your record through your online account at www.principal.com or by phone at 800-547-7754.

Former Employees (except Hawthorne, Expats, NNSS or Sandia): Please contact local HR for your business group.

Hawthorne Staff and Union: Please email HRHelp@soc-usa.com

SOC Expats: Please email WPS.HR@SOC-USA.com for more information

NNSS: Please contact 702-295-6249

Sandia: Please contact 925-294-2454

Employment and Income Verification

  • All outside parties (except government agencies) should go to www.uconfirm.com to complete the request process
  • All government agencies should fax the request to (215) 827-5453
  • For questions, contact support@uconfirm.com or (866) 312-8266

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Tax Forms: W-C forms and 1095c

  • Anyone who received compensation in the current year will receive a W-2 tax form by the end of the following January.  
  • Benefits-eligible employees will also receive Form 1095-C detailing employer-provided health insurance offer and coverage. This form does not apply to Expats. The Form 1095-C’s delivery deadline is generally in early March. The IRS has said this form is NOT required to file your taxes.
  • Need a reprint of your W-2? Send an email to W2Reprint@dayzim.com to request a reissued copy.

Sign up for Electronic Access to your important tax documents for fast, easy access.  Prior year tax forms are also available electronically. 

  • Go to www.mytaxform.com, enter Company ID: 17330
  • Enter User ID – (Your Social Security Number)
  • Enter Pin
    Returning users:  
    If you don’t remember your pin, Click “Forgot your Pin”
    First-time users:
    – Enter Default Pin (1st 5 digits of your Social Security Number & 2 digit birth year i.e. 1959 = 59)
    – Establish security questions and Establish a new Pin
  • Click on “Go Paperless Today”  
  • Consent to receive an Electronic W-2 and 1095-C (Must check both boxes!)

When you log into the electronic form system, if you see this “Go Paperless” icon, it means an action is still required to receive electronic forms. Click it! 

Already signed up for an Electronic W-2?  Sign up for an Electronic 1095-C. Here’s how…

  • Go to www.mytaxform.com  
  • Use the Pin you have already established (or click “Forgot your PIN”)
  • Click on "Go Paperless Today"
  • Consent to receive an Electronic 1095-C 

Keep in mind that you also have the ability to upload your W-2 into many popular tax preparation software products. For questions, call Equifax’s Help Line at (877) 325-9239.

If you do not sign up for electronic delivery, please make sure your address is up to date. 

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Retirement Plan Questions

401(k) Plans

If you have a current account or have received a notice regarding a prior account balance, you can contact our 401(k) Administrator at www.principal.com or 800-547-7754.


Iowa Bargaining – Please contact Principal at 800-547-7754.

Iowa Non-Bargaining – Please contact the Pension Plan Processing Center at 844-358-5040.

Milan Bargaining – Please contact the Pension Plan Processing Center at 844-358-5040.

Mason and Hanger Plan – Please contact Q&F Benefits Administration at 585-383-8520.

NNSS Staff or Union Plan – Please contact the Administrative Office at 559-225-3030.

Lone Star Munitions Pension (buy-out) – Contact HR at 903 255-2812 or 903 490-8578

Kansas Munitions Pension (buy-out) – Contact HR at 620 421-7469 or 620 238-2338

For other retirement plan questions that cannot be answered through the above contacts, please contact RetirementPlans@dayzim.com.   


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Employee Benefits

For questions about your health and welfare benefits, please contact the MyBenefitService Center at 855-889-6522 or mydayzimbenefits@benefitfocus.com.   


Please allow two to three weeks from the date your termination is processed to receive your COBRA package from WageWorks.  If you have additional questions about COBRA coverage, please contact WageWorks directly at 1-877-722-2667. WageWorks participant portal: https://mybenefits.wageworks.com/


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Employee Deaths

In the unfortunate event that you need to notify us of an employee or retiree death, please contact the following:  

Employees (except AO Munitions, NNSS or Sandia): Please contact HR at 215-299-8043

AO Munitions: Please contact HR at 319-753-7219; cell: 319-768-6538 or cell: 319-750-4594 

NNSS: Please contact 702-295-6249

Sandia: Please contact 925-294-2454


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