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Gas and Coal Power Plant Services

We help gas and coal power plant owners generate reliable power by performing routine maintenance on their units and delivering complex construction projects efficiently and reliably, on time, and within budget.

Our Services

Maintenance and modification

Capital project execution

Emergency and scheduled outages

Balance-of-plant services

Boiler maintenance and repairs

Project management, planning, and controls

Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership

Our alliance model promotes the development of innovative solutions to lower the total cost of plant ownership.  Partnering with gas and coal power plants across the United States for decades gives us insight on how to gain efficiencies increase productivity and safety in a variety of areas. We actively work with our gas and coal plant customers to make sure that their goals are met in a safe an efficient manner day after day.

Supporting Coal and Gas Power Plants

Day & Zimmermann is a leading provider of construction and maintenance services for the U.S. power industry. We deliver complex projects safely to coal and gas plants, on time, and within budget across the country. By leveraging wide-ranging capabilities, long-standing industry experience, innovative technology, and expert project teams we effectively manage all aspects of the power plant lifecycle.

What We Do

Maintenance & Modifications

Our Total Accountability Model provides a single point of contact driving accountability across safety, human performance, cost, schedule, quality, and resource supply.

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Projects & Construction

Our teams are familiar with, and have worked on, virtually every primary and secondary plant system in both outage and non-outage environments, routinely executing critical and near-critical path work scopes.

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Welding Services

Our experienced, highly qualified welders perform everything from large turn-key projects to small emergent scopes for nuclear and fossil utilities nationwide.

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Valve Services

Our full-scope capabilities are an integrated approach, including valve and operator testing, repair, and refurbishment.

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From scaffolding design to decontamination and storage, our planning and implementation process is designed to reduce or consolidate scaffold use.

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Executing Outages for Gas and Coal on-time and on-budget

D&Z performs more outage and maintenance and modification work than any other provider in the US. We deliver managed task and project work, supplemental contingent workers, and specialty services to dozens of utility company's coal and gas power facilities. D&Z prepares pre-outage readiness planning to ensure that your outages go as smoothly as possible.

Maximizing Safety in Coal and Gas Power

For more than a century, we have shared a personal and professional commitment to protect the safety and health of our employees, our customers, partners, contractors, and communities we serve. Safety as a value takes many forms in a coal or gas-fired power plant. It can be as simple as pointing out a potential hazard in a project and discussing alternatives, or as complex as drafting new safety standards in industrial operating environments. Achieving zero injuries is job number one for every person in D&Z, beginning at the executive level and continuing throughout the field and offices. Our coal and gas power operations teams are supported by an outstanding group of safety professionals, coaching, case management, support, and subject-matter experts who verify compliance with our program and provide field observation.

Fossil Fuels

Approximately 66% of all US energy is generated by fossil fuels.

Emissions from coal-based electricity generation have decreased by more than 40% since the 1970s while coal use in the U.S. has tripled.

The coal industry provides more than $1 billion in total U.S. labor income.

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Success Stories

Harrison Success

Elevating Standards: Exceptional Performance at Harrison Power Station


The Day & Zimmermann union welding team achieved outstanding success at FirstEnergy's Harrison Power Station in West Virginia, completing critical work with only 19 repairs out of 4,831 x-ray welds and a remarkable 0.39% reject rate, emphasizing meticulous processes, teamwork, and effective communication, and crediting the management team's extensive collaboration and positive union relationships.

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Featured Story

Efficient Removal Technique Implemented for Feedwater Heater Replacements

Using engineering and rigging expertise, D&Z successfully removed and replaced two feedwater heaters with only inches to spare.

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Featured Story

Combined-Cycle Power Plant Construction Completion & Commissioning

D&Z team performed final construction and commissioning of a 440 MW combined-cycle gas plant set to serve 25,000 customers in the Pacific Northwest, meeting strict, federally mandated first-fire date, safely and on-budget.

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