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Our Vision


To Accelerate the Next Generation of Innovation.

“Within an ever-changing world, we consistently help our customers overcome challenges, allowing them to focus on their core businesses and forward think. We act as an accelerant for their innovation, enabling them to achieve better results and stay competitive. Along with our company values and our ongoing commitment – We do what we say.® – this vision will act as a guiding principle in everything we do.”
Hal Yoh, Chair & CEO
Day & Zimmermann

Innovation is in our DNA


The origins of Day & Zimmermann date back to 1901 and a mere seven years after our founding, the company was working on one of the most significant human engineering achievements of the twentieth century—the construction building of the Gatun Lock system of the Panama Canal. By the 1960s, Day & Zimmermann was assisting with the design of the Mercury and Gemini capsules that would put the first American astronauts in space. These history-altering projects had ties right here in Philadelphia. 

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Our People are the Driving Force Behind Our Innovation

In a constantly changing world it’s not businesses, governments and institutions that will build the future. It’s the people behind them. For more than a century Day & Zimmermann has hired, placed and trained the people that helped bring big ideas to life.