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Communication Plan and Awareness Initiatives

Our communication plan to increase awareness of the Ethics and Compliance Program includes the following:

  • The Program is described in detail on the following websites:
  • Mydayzim.com & Accelerate – Our internal employee intranet
  • Dayzim.com – Our external website
  • We publish Ethics Blogs from Business Unit leaders on a quarterly basis in our employee newsletter.
  • We provide Ethics Awareness short videos in our employee newsletter a quarterly basis.
  • We have published our Code of Ethics in 6 languages. (English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish and German) and they are all listed on www.dayzim.com
  • Our Ethics posters are posted at all of our business locations. The posters include contact info of the appropriate Ethics Officer.
  • We have an Ethics and Compliance tab on our employee intranet. This lists the names and contact info of all Company Ethics Officers.