Eight Easy Steps to Ethics Success

From National Defense Magazine

More than a century ago, Day & Zimmermann’s founder, Charles Day, set out on a journey of business excellence, drafting the first “Betterment Reports” to help modernize U.S. factories. To this day, “betterment” is a concept synonymous with the construction, engineering, staffing and defense firm.

It does this through an eight step ethics and compliance program, which is focused on helping employees choose to do the right thing in everything they do.

Any company can adopt these eight steps to begin or improve its comprehensive ethics program.

The first step is setting up an ethics office, which consists of the executive sponsor of the ethics program, the vice president, internal audit and chief ethics officer and the ethics and compliance programs administrator. This office is responsible full-time for the structure, content and administration of the ethics program across the entire organization, and for keeping it aligned with — and sometimes leading —industry best practices.

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