D&Z Project Manager Participates in Swearing In, Hires New IBEW Member at Home Local

Tennessee-based Journeyman David Bryant worked eight years for a local electrical contractor before being sworn into the IBEW last month advancing his electrical skills.

"The day I swore into the brotherhood was far from anything I've experienced,” said Bryant. “Mr. Derek Guy, IBEW Local 270 organizer, and Mr. David Garcia, IBEW Local 270 assistant business manager, were extremely supportive and knowledgeable about opportunities best suited to my talents. They also introduced me to Mark Bowers, the MPEX project manager from Day & Zimmermann, making my career transition easy and smooth."   



From left: IBEW Local 270 Organizer Derek Guy, Journeyman David Bryant, and D&Z
Project Manager and Local IBEW electrician Mark Bowers


“Special thanks to one of our new contractors to the area, Day & Zimmermann and Project Manager Mark Bowers, for our continued work in our local organizing efforts. Day & Zimmermann provided this young man with his first job in his IBEW career." said Guy.

“Participating with and being a partner with local area building trades is essential for our continued growth and success. Being able to help provide a great living opportunity and skillset to a new generation of people is absolutely wonderful and essential for everyone,” said Tom Ensminger, Vice President of Labor Relations for D&Z’s Maintenance and Construction division.

"As an IBEW Local 270 member for 28 years, seeing new people join the trade is always thrilling,” said Bowers. “There is so much opportunity at ORNL [Oak Ridge National Laboratory] and the Tennessee Valley to grow your career and skills with D&Z. We're happy to include David as part of our team and help him further develop his skills." 

Despite societal pressures or expectations, Bryant believes that going to college is not for everyone.

"I want others who may feel discouraged about their career path to give the trades a shot. It gave me an opportunity to invest in a skill I genuinely enjoy," he said.

Congratulations to David on becoming an IBEW member and welcome to D&Z!


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