Recent Hate Crimes and Support Available to Employees

We are hearing more details about another senseless shooting in Buffalo, New York, and another at a church in Southern California. From initial reports, it appears that these murders of innocent people, just going about their daily lives at a grocery store or meeting at a church, were hate crimes, focused against specific groups. I’m saddened that these horrible events continue to happen, and this type of hatred and violence is unacceptable and must be condemned in any form and against anyone.

First, if you or any of your loved ones are suffering from trauma that these continuing national or local events are causing, please utilize our Employee Assistance Program and get help, or talk to a doctor or counselor. While I cannot ever completely understand how this effects these communities, I do understand how frightening and distressing this must be for individuals, their loved ones and all minority groups. Please get help if you need it.

This event also angers me and I want to make sure that employees know that I am committed to making Day & Zimmermann a safe place and to working as an ally for all employees – no matter who they are, their ethnic or religious backgrounds or how they identify. I encourage you to speak up, take action and support your fellow employees when you see or hear inappropriate language, comments or actions. Any employee who violates our standards of conduct and ethics will be held accountable.

My condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones and to all of our employees and communities impacted by these events. Please do your part, peacefully, in any way you believe is appropriate to help us stop this senseless violence and racism. Please also always be aware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior and help everyone stay safe at home, in your community and at work.


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Hal Yoh

Hal Yoh is chair and chief executive officer of Day & Zimmermann, a leader in construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and government agencies around the world. He is the third generation of the Yoh family to lead Day & Zimmermann—a family-owned business and former recipient of the U.S. National Family Business of the Year award. As chairman and chief executive officer since 1999, Hal has helped shape the strategic growth that the company has achieved over the last few decades.