ERG Spotlight Series: Featuring Amanda Mason, True Colors co-chair

June marks Pride Month, a time to celebrate LGBTQ people and to reflect on the global movement that pushes for full and equal rights for members of the community.

And it's the perfect time to kickoff our True Colors ERG's Pride Spotlight Series. This week, we are featuring Amanda Mason, Digital Marketing Specialty Practices at Yoh and one of the True Colors ERG co-chairs. Read below to learn more about Amanda and the ERG:

What do you like most about our ERG (True Colors)?

True Colors offers an exciting opportunity to network, learn, and grow as a group. I love how passionate and understanding each of our ERG member are surrounding LGBTQIA+ initiatives. 

It really seems like, as a whole, we’re all focused on bettering not only the company, but also ourselves. We’re creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce – and, I think it’s awesome that we’re able to be a part of something so powerful.

What drives you/where do you have a lot of passion within the LGBTQIA+ community? You can talk about personal or professional drivers. 

I’m driven by both good and bad experiences I’ve personally had surrounding being “out at work.” 

Personally, I’m at a point in my life where it brings me the most joy to be my true, authentic self within all of my social circles. My mission is to help foster that same experience for others around me who may be working on bringing their true selves to the forefront of their lives.


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