Day & Zimmermann Launches the “Summer of Innovation”

Day & Zimmermann is proud to announce the launch our internal: "Summer of Innovation" event. Created by D&Z's Innovation Council, the goal is to recognize employees from across our organization who submit innovative ideas.

As a large enterprise, with a history of innovation, we are continuously seeking ways to improve our services, processes and products for our customers and our employees. Our people are the engine, the passion, and the difference-makers, which is why we want to recognize them for all that they do to help us move forward and improve what we do every day.

Summer-inno-news-1D&Z’s Summer of Innovation campaign will run over the next few months, and participation is simple: Employees will share any ideas they have through our various submission processes. This includes ideas for new services, new designs, new products, new efficiencies, or improvements to existing services, products or processes. Any new idea, no matter how big or small, can have an impact. And many of our employees don’t even realize they are being innovative. The Summer of Innovation is our way of recognizing and celebrating them.

After submitting their idea, “D&Z Innovators” will receive a limited-edition Innovation Coin from D&Z leadership as a token of our appreciation, and/or a custom-made Zoom background and email signature. The goal is to not only spark conversations around innovation, but to share the accomplishment with colleagues and encourage them to share their own. Top innovative ideas will be shared with the company to recognize our Innovators, and some will go on to compete for our existing Quarterly Innovation Awards which already happen around the company.

Our Summer of Innovation campaign represents Day & Zimmermann’s constant pursuit of innovation, which is not only our vision, but part of who we are, and in our promise to our customers: We do what we say®. We look forward to listening to and working with our employees to Accelerate the Next Generation of Innovation during our Summer of Innovation event.


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