Day & Zimmermann Celebrates 120 Years of Innovation With a New eBook

Day & Zimmermann, the century-old, family-owned provider of construction, engineering, maintenance, staffing, and defense solutions for leading corporations and governments around the world, celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2021. The anniversary, commemorated by more than 51,000 employees at locations around the world, marked a key milestone as the company continues to expand and enhance services in strategic business areas. 

In honor of celebrating 120 years of innovation, Day & Zimmermann published a commemorative eBook that highlights many of the successful projects accomplished throughout the years. Broken down by decade, the eBook also references the most significant news that was happening during each era. 

“Very few companies have the privilege of celebrating 120 in business, and our longevity is a testament to everyone who has been a part of the Day & Zimmermann family over the years,” said Hal Yoh, Chairman and CEO. “It’s with the deepest gratitude that I thank all of our employees and partners who have embodied our values and helped us reach this exciting milestone.”

Day & Zimmermann was founded in 1901 when Charles Day, a young engineer, joined in a consulting partnership with Kern Dodge to form a firm called Dodge & Day. In 1907, John Zimmermann, a former classmate of Charles Day, joined the company, bringing with him significant financial capabilities and business relationships. In 1961, the company was purchased by the H.L. Yoh Company, a Philadelphia-based technical staffing firm, laying the foundation for the modern Day & Zimmermann operating today. 

Over the last 120 years, Day & Zimmerman has played a pivotal role in several defining projects, including the Panama Canal and the space program. The company designed the foil wrapping machines for Hershey Kisses and oversaw construction of Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia. Today, the company prioritizes diversification with a strategic emphasis on providing dynamic industrial, defense and workforce solutions while maintaining the company's unique culture and focus on values.

“After a year like no other, I can’t help but reflect on all we’ve overcome and all we’ve accomplished over the years,” said Yoh. “From world wars to pandemics, we’ve emerged from each challenge stronger than before. That’s certainly the case today, and it speaks to the incredible talent of our team and the power of our company promise to do what we say.”

Download the 120 anniversary eBook to learn more about Day & Zimmermann's work throughout the years. 

ABOUT DAY & ZIMMERMANN Founded in 1901, Day & Zimmermann is a family-owned company with a workforce of 51,000 specializing in construction & engineering, operations & maintenance, staffing, security and defense solutions for leading corporations and governments around the world. Operating from more than 150 worldwide locations with 2.7 Billion USD in revenue, Day & Zimmermann is currently ranked as one of the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, our first work was to develop "Betterment Reports" that helped modernize American factories. Today, we are still in the business of betterment—maintaining the nation's power infrastructure, protecting American freedoms and accelerating innovation around the world. We do what we say®