Adapting to Changes, During Bad and Yes, Even Good Times

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for everything. I’ve always said there is a healthy paranoia that leaders should have. But the question is: Are you adapting because you are forced to, or are you ready to adapt when things are both good and bad?

That’s where Yoh’s Specialty Practices team is right now. We had two fantastic, record-breaking years. So why change anything? The short answer is: Because we need to keep adapting and positioning ourselves for the future. Because things always change – both good and bad.

This mindset is important. Like many companies, we are facing a challenging and uncertain year. And we always have to be prepared to react to the market conditions – but the real work is anticipating and adapting regardless of the conditions. So it’s not a mindset of changing to try to “fix” things, or for some short-term gain. It’s about always getting better no matter what is going on. Even when good things are happening.

In this case, we were breaking down internal barriers. We moved from geographic regions to sectors. We brought Europe closer to the US team and into a consistent model. And while we believe this will help us now, the real adaptation is for the future. It was for even more collaboration, more consistency and more productivity. And it would have happened, regardless of the market we find ourselves in.

When we talk about courage in business, this is one of those situations. Do you have the courage to make changes when things are going well? It’s more than simply reacting. It’s about anticipating and charting your own course, and maybe a new or different course, rather than following others or doing what appears to be working right now.

So think about how you are adapting in your business. I would encourage you to think about the future, regardless of what you define as a good or bad year. Always look to the future and adapt to what you see – Not just what’s happening in front of you. Ask yourself: Are we changing because things are bad, or even good, and does it really matter? The right thing to do, is the right thing, no matter what else is going on.


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