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Elevating Standards: Exceptional Performance at Harrison Power Station

FirstEnergy needed critical work done to the boiler and penthouse at Harrison Power Station, a coal-fired plant in West Virginia. Day & Zimmermann’s union welding team executed 4,831 x-ray welds with only 19 repairs needed. translating to a remarkably low reject rate of just 0.39%. In the industry, where craft work on intricate boilers and within demanding environments, a 3% to 5% reject rate is the norm, which would have resulted in 130 to 240 repairs.

Billy Berry, Director of Quality Control/Non-Destructive Examination/Welding Support, emphasized the comprehensive nature of this achievement, noting the meticulous review of all project documentation and work processes by a team of D&Z Quality Assurance auditors. The lead auditor, in the audit's closing meeting, acknowledged this as one of the best audits he had ever seen on a fossil project.

However, this achievement goes beyond statistics, highlighting the power of teamwork and communication. Tommy Ensminger, Vice President of Union Labor Relations, emphasized the role of Senior Director of Projects Jeff Kiley and his team in establishing high expectations and nurturing relationships with local unions in West Virginia. This success is also a testament to the 15-year experience of Kiley's management team working together on the site, which significantly contributed to these exceptional results. Throughout the outage, the welders embodied key D&Z virtues, including a questioning attitude, a commitment to ethical conduct, dedication to hard work, and exemplary leadership from foremen and supervisors to quality management.

The outstanding work was possible through the combined efforts of Boilermakers Local #667, Pipefitters Local #152, and the entire on-site team. The management team expressed gratitude to the entire workforce, acknowledging their tenacious work ethic, unwavering dedication to quality, and commitment to excellence as essential factors in making this extraordinary accomplishment a reality.

Project Highlights:

  • 4,831 x-ray welds completed with only 19 repairs
  • 0.39% weld reject rate achieved (3% to 5% is the industry norm)
  • Experienced management team
  • Collaboration with local Boilermakers and Pipefitters
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