SAP, Global Technology Company, Workforce Solution 

Scope of Services

SAP needed to establish an efficient, strategic talent supply chain and address the complexities of its contingent workforce while gaining visibility and control. In fact, it needed assistance to figure out the size of its contingent workforce and where these workers were located in the organization. Their existing procedures and processes needed an audit to provide recommendations on how to best manage the workforce population, while addressing co-employment issues, talent quality, and the entire expenditure.

Services Provided

  • Contingent workforce management
  • Yoh Exchange


SAP selected Yoh to evaluate their existing procedures and processes. Based on the findings, Yoh revamped the existing program to best manage the population, while addressing co-employment issues, talent quality, and the entire expenditure. By helping them focus on the necessity of evaluation, planning, and executing comprehensive workforce strategies, Yoh equipped SAP to face the challenges in today's global economic realities demanding efficient management of every segment of the workforce. Today, the company's contingent workforce program extends throughout the Americas, and is going to be rolled out in 46 European countries, followed by Latin America and Asia.

Also, SAP worked with Yoh to develop technology to propel our workforce solutions. The result: Yoh Exchange, technology that facilitates full talent life cycle management through an online portal. SAP has saved approximately $1.4 million in the first year alone of using this technology. By implementing Yoh Exchange , SAP gained access to information related to their contingent workforce (cost of hire, average contractor tenure and supplier performance). The robust reporting capabilities of Yoh Exchange have given stakeholders’ control and visibility into the talent acquisition process through extensive workforce statistical data, metrics and financial reporting as well as real-time access to status and approvals.

In addition, a dedicated on-site management team provides point-of-contact and accountability for the customer and is available, both locally and remotely, to handle hiring peaks and fluctuations. The team provides in-depth pre-screening of all candidates to increase quality and reduce manager’s review time. This team shifted labor intensive recruiting tasks away from hiring managers to Yoh so that employees were able to focus on key job functions but still choose which candidates they wished to interview and the selection of the final candidate. Yoh optimized the customer’s talent supply chain to improve talent quality and better control their employment brand; originally they had more than 50 suppliers now just 15 top performing suppliers comprise the population.

Subsequently, when SAP purchased one of the top vendor management systems in the world, Fieldglass, Yoh’s team helped migrate from one SAP system to another, avoiding disruption and adding additional operational and reporting capabilities to an already successful program.

Overall Benefits Recieved:

  • Overall cost savings through consolidation of suppliers’ rates and mark-ups $1,400,000
  • Increased speed of talent acquisition cycle 10%+
  • Improvement of contingent workforce quality over previous vendors 10%+

“Yoh Talent Solution’s seamless implementation process within our organization was a non-event and greatly exceeded expectations. We truly could not have asked for a better experience.”
Mark Steinke, VP of Recruitment, HR Operations, SAP