Global Pharmaceutical Firm Workforce Solution

Business Challenge

A world-wide leader in their industry, our customer, a global pharmaceutical firm had difficulty facilitating their talent acquisition with standardized process and technology. The customer was experiencing decreased productivity levels in their workforce delaying product releases and impacting profitability. Hiring managers were burdened with inefficient talent acquisition processes. The customer needed a trusted partner that could advise on best practices and streamlined processes while providing dedicated program resources. The client’s lack of a centralized system proved to be key issue; this deficiency limited executive stakeholders’ control and visibility into the talent acquisition process.

  • Contingent workforce management
  • Vendor Management System (VMS)



Through a collaborative and consultative approach, Yoh developed a program for the customer that was easy to use, quickly delivered talent, and freed hiring managers to focus on core responsibilities. By implementing a Vendor Management System (VMS), a technology platform that facilitates full talent lifecycle management, our customer now had access to information related to their contingent workforce (cost of hire, average contractor tenure and supplier performance). The robust reporting capabilities of the technology have given stakeholders’ control and visibility into the talent acquisition process through extensive workforce statistical data, metrics and financial reporting as well as real-time access to status and approvals.

In addition, a dedicated on-site management team provides point-of-contact and accountability for the customer and is available, both locally and remotely, to handle hiring peaks and fluctuations. The team provides in-depth pre-screening of all candidates to increase quality and reduce manager’s review time. This team shifted labor intensive recruiting tasks away from hiring managers to Yoh so that employees were able to focus on key job functions but still choose which candidates they wished to interview and the selection of the final candidate. Yoh optimized the customer’s talent supply chain by removing non-performing suppliers to increase the quality of talent. This commitment to workforce quality has enabled the firm to meet deadlines year after year.

Overall Benefits Received:

  • Overall cost savings $7,000,000
  • Invoice processing reduction 50%
  • Reduction in manager time through VMS 65%
  • Positive retention increase 40%
“Yoh delivers excellent support and a well established process, all while providing a level of talent quality that, in my experience, is unparalleled.” 
Hiring Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Firm