Proven Processes & Tools for Accurate Security Screening

Applicant tracking system

Electronic auditing for accuracy

Real-time ePHQ tracking

Full PAI process management

Trained investigators

NEI & Industry best practices

NEI security screening

13 Years, Zero Audit Findings

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and our customers have complete confidence in our process compliance and investigative results — we recently marked 13 years with ZERO  findings during NEI's audit of our Nuclear Security Screening Program. The audit evaluates the program's effective implementation and compliance with NEI regulations, mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Experienced, Trained Investigators

Experienced, Trained Investigators

Our investigators partner with Access Service teams at nuclear utilities to fulfill NEI mandates and meet industry regulatory standards. The team screens both union and open shop craft using proprietary, self-developed software that supports individual investigations and audits each file for accuracy to maintain a checks and balance system. The software has been approved by NEI auditors and is one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Who Do We Support?

Nuclear utilities

PADS and non-PADS participating utilities

Other nuclear industry vendors

Highly regulated industries, such as government operations

Our Success

+11,500 Investigations

performed annually for nuclear utilities

Approved Programs

with 8 nuclear utilities & 250+ industry vendors

94% Unescorted Access Requests

submitted before a badge is required


How Can We Help You?


Kelly Carlsen, Director of Security Screening , manages all aspects of D&Z's Nuclear Security Program. 

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