How Important are ‘Discipline and Consistency’ To You?

Chair & CEO Hal Yoh, in his recent Chairman’s Corner blog -- Will You Make the Choice to be Great? –referenced the book Great by Choice, by James C. Collins and Morten T. Hansen. Day & Zimmermann leaders were required to read this book prior to attending this year’s Strategic Growth Conference held earlier this month – the conference was structured on the principles and concepts of this informative book.

A key takeaway from the book and conference, for me, is how Discipline and Consistency are critical characteristics of high-performing companies. Similar to sports dynasties that realize long periods of success, high-performing companies, those companies that realize sustainable, profitable growth through good times and bad, are committed to operational excellence, very rarely deviating from tried and true practices and methodologies – basically “sticking to their knitting”.

When I reflect on my 30+ year-career in staffing, without a doubt I can attest that the best performing individuals and business units I have had the privilege to work with were highly disciplined, focused and consistent in their methodologies and practices.

At Yoh, discipline and consistency are the core ingredients of profitable and sustainable growth – to realize our full potential and strengthen, our competitive position, continued adherence and mastery of proven sales and recruiting practices will determine our success. While this is something I am committed to instilling among my team, a disciplined and consistent work approach, I believe, can benefit us all as the collective D&Z team and drive Success as a core Company value.

As you enter the New Year, ask yourself; are discipline and consistency important to you, your department and business unit?