Honoring Our Diversity: A Message about Patriotism

Summer is a patriotic time with important holidays to remind us of the duty and honor we carry forth in supporting the U.S. National Security Mission at Day & Zimmermann. As we celebrated our freedoms during our most recent U.S. holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day, it is important to recognize the reality of what it means to be patriotic. Patriotism describes pride, love, and devotion for one’s country, however there are more layers to this concept. I encourage you to view the video I recently shared within Government Services, We are America, starring celebrity John Cena, which poignantly demonstrates an important correlation between patriotism and diversity.

To be a true patriot requires one to honor and respect the many diverse people who make up one’s country. The United States, as an example, is a nation built upon diversity - a core value we share at Day & Zimmermann.  

The D&Z global workforce consists of diverse, patriotic, and compassionate employees – with many of us working together to serve the U.S. National Security Mission and the same ideals of freedom around the world. Through this Mission, we are unified as a global team, truly coming from all regions of the world. As I recently said to our Government Services team, I am proud of our people. However, our Government Services employees are also proud of what we accomplish together as a diverse set of Day & Zimmermann companies. I know those of you in other business units share that pride as well. At Day & Zimmermann we all work collectively to foster a diverse culture which enables employees to work to their highest potential and deliver for our customers.  

I hope you find this video meaningful and inspirational. Independence means we have the freedom to be diverse and equal. We are stronger when unified as a diverse team of employees contributing to an open and accepting culture we can all be proud of at Day & Zimmermann.