Executive Blog Post: Leading Through Change, Powering the Next Generation of Maintenance and Construction

There’s a quote by Simon Sinek, author and speaker on business leadership, that gets to the heart of our executive leadership’s vision for the changes currently underway in the Day & Zimmermann’s (D&Z) Maintenance and Construction division. Building on 120 years of brand equity and a long-held reputation for high standards of safety, first-time quality, and cost efficiencies in the power industry, we’re positioning our company to deliver large-scale, design-build projects under an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) execution model across all markets and clients we serve.

Sinek says, “Leadership is not about being in charge. It's about taking care of those in your charge.”

I completely agree. Leading through times of change requires putting people first.

D&Z Maintenance and Construction is expanding and diversifying to ensure our employees have a pipeline of meaningful jobs not only helping to maintain our existing power grid, but also building next-generation energy technology like small modular reactors and solar and helping to secure our domestic semiconductor supply chain, for example. We want D&Z to be a place for our children’s children to work and to be an asset for the customers and communities we serve. We’re forward-thinking and innovating the way we do business to take care of “those in our charge” —our people, our customers.

As exiting a time this is for our division, I’m mindful that change is never easy, including for myself. There are risks and unknowns. We must adapt and acquire new skills and perspectives. There’s unfamiliarity as we enter new growth markets and shift our internal operating model to drive toward our goal. We’re accustomed to walking into meetings as the big player in the power industry, and we're quickly finding out we are one of many in these new markets. That's a different place for us, outside our comfort zone. Organizational change is a heavy lift with so much additional pressure.

Yet, despite the inherent challenges of change, we’ve said “Game on!” I am so proud of our teams and workforce and the excellent results they’re already making happen. Where we are today in this transformative journey — integrating engineering services with maintenance and construction; taking on a diverse portfolio of projects in the government, industrial, and renewables markets; attaining ISO 9001 certification — attests to our people’s hard work and the accelerating momentum they’re creating for our future.

Where we are today reflects leadership at every level in our organization and proves that leadership isn’t a position, it’s a responsibility. It’s not just about being at the helm — it's about ensuring that everyone on board feels empowered to contribute and reimagine improved ways of collaborating and doing business. Leading through change is about helping everyone reach their destination successfully.

As a company that has been innovating for more than 120 years, D&Z has been part of many of our country’s top projects — but perhaps none more important than the ones we’re facing today: protecting the planet and modernizing America. Significantly growing and diversifying our business will ensure D&Z remains at the forefront helping our customers with emerging technologies and the development of reliable, carbon-free energy and providing meaningful career opportunities for our employees for generations to come.

We’re excited for this new era and the innovative solutions and opportunities it brings for “those in our charge.” Our executive leadership wants to make sure one thing will never change — that D&Z makes for a great place to work and a great partner in business.