A Renewed Sense of What We Value Most on Memorial Day

As a patriotic organization serving the U.S. National Security Mission around the world, Memorial Day is a meaningful day of remembrance to Government Services.

In a year like no other, we have endured the impossible, we have felt loss on many levels, and through it all we certainly have a renewed sense of what we value most. It is often through loss that we understand what we cherish the most and what we fight to protect.

With this daily reminder of what we stand to lose, and unfortunately what some have temporarily or fully lost, the sentiments are now readily accessible in our minds. During this pandemic, and through this tangible experience of loss, we have commonly reflected on 'what is most important and sacred' in our lives. Through the isolation, we have a greater appreciation for these simple things, some we have taken for granted. This Memorial Day, I look at those who have served our country with deep gratitude and a renewed recognition of what has been protected through the years.

In the beginning of the pandemic, we rallied as one nation coming together to fight with essential workers and medical professionals on the front lines—united as one. What makes this country spectacular is this patriotic spirit and our freedoms, driving our strong infrastructure and medical advancements. Equally so, our diverse communities of people make us stronger and allow us to persevere, operating as a democracy. Even diversity of thought —a very good thing for progress—is something we are able to exercise because of the sacrifices made through the years.

As a result, we are turning the corner, entering a season of renewed hope to return to normalcy. Significant progress is being made to vaccinate and protect our people. This is all owed to those who have protected the fabric of America. As we near the finish line, it is important for us to remember those moments and come together once again to protect what is most important, our people, and conclude this challenging time.

In this pivotal time in history, please join me in reflecting on the important values we draw from Memorial Day including: patriotism, honor, duty, and integrity; which are no doubt qualities we carry in our mission critical work to serve and protect. We do not waiver in our convictions to establish safety for all.  It is imperative to do what is right to close the loop on vaccinations. As we march forward together to establish a new normal—I strongly believe this is something those who have fought to protect our way of life would want.

Through all of this, we have proven how great we can be as a nation —a nation that has always fought to protect our people and our freedoms. Please join me in honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting what we cherish most, not just on Memorial Day, but every day.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.