The Navigator Program – A Great Way to Help Build Our Culture

Our culture and community at work is critical to helping all team members be successful, happy and productive. It can be a daunting task to come into a new organization, especially one as large as Day & Zimmermann, and have to “figure out” things on your own. Our managers and HR teams do a great job, but if you’ve ever wondered about how you can help, or if you know what it’s like to be that new person, please think about joining our D&Z Navigator program.

The Navigator program has been around for a while, and in the simplest terms, it’s pairing a current team member with a newly hired colleague for their first 90 days to help them acclimate and “navigate” the organization, procedures, information, and just being a go-to person for questions. And for Navigators, it’s a great way to help someone coming in, gain experience mentoring and leading, all while having a direct impact on employee engagement and our culture.

I am pleased and thankful for our current Navigators and I appreciate the time they take to make our new team members feel welcomed. Our culture is built at the local level, with the experiences our teams have at our various locations, and no one knows better how things work within our various environments than our current teams. I’m certain that each of you have something to share and could help someone as they come on board.

One great part of the program is that since we’ve been doing this for a while, our program leaders have continually improved the program and make it easy, with information, streamlined process and technology to guide Navigators through the process. There’s a great Navigator Resource Guide and program coordinators in each Group and corporate staff units. They will help you every step of the way.


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Hal Yoh

Hal Yoh is chair and chief executive officer of Day & Zimmermann, a leader in construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and government agencies around the world. He is the third generation of the Yoh family to lead Day & Zimmermann—a family-owned business and former recipient of the U.S. National Family Business of the Year award. As chairman and chief executive officer since 1999, Hal has helped shape the strategic growth that the company has achieved over the last few decades.