Supporting our Winning Culture with the Best Service and Reputation

Growth Starts with Great Past Performance & Unparalleled Client Service

As we continue our focus on maintaining a winning culture, we know that growth starts with the highest levels of service. This allows us to uphold our strong reputation as the trusted provider of mission support solutions to government clients operating in complex environments worldwide.

Through the ongoing delivery of outstanding performance, our reputation as a leading mission-support partner to the U.S. Government (USG), will allow us to leverage our robust portfolio of past performance to significantly grow our business. With these simple goals at the forefront of our strategy, our teams remain disciplined and committed to providing unparalleled client service, understanding the value it brings for the longevity and vitality of our Government Services Business. These actions will no doubt fortify and grow our next generation of business.

Our support and expertise propel us into the future—as the relied-upon partner to our government customers in the U.S. and around the world—and this will continue as we follow these simple strategic actions:

Commitment to Customer Intimacy

By listening and delivering for our customers, we gain a trust that spans the test of time, facing the many evolving threats through history together, as partners. This trust and bonded relationship are something we refer to as customer intimacy—a building block to improve our position and industry reputation—helping us grow to remain a leading and chosen contractor for the U.S. Government and allies. By delivering great service, building strong relationships, listening, and providing process/performance improvements, with our continual mission focus we will achieve optimal past performance ratings. This allows us to bid with a significant competitive advantage. The review process with our customers opens the dialogue for a mutual discussion on our performance, which helps us provide our perspective, giving us credit for our great work in order to highlight our positive contributions to the mission. These crucial customer ratings are captured in our long-term evaluations, helping drive our future success and ability to submit winning bids. Leaning on our customer intimacy, we are making a concerted effort to expand our relationships within the Departments of Energy, Defense, State, Intelligence Community, and NASA/space-related agencies, to give us the necessary winning edge with these longstanding customers.

A Focus on ‘High Probability Win’ Opportunities

In the dynamic landscape of government contracting, a strategic focus on identifying and pursuing 'high probability-win' opportunities is paramount for success. As we consistently strive to improve and grow our pipeline of contract opportunities with the U.S. Government and allied entities, homing in on high probability-win prospects becomes a strategic imperative.

A deliberate focus on 'high probability-win' opportunities is a strategic approach that pays dividends in the competitive landscape of government contracting. It empowers us to allocate resources efficiently, manage risks effectively, strategically align with client needs, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This alignment not only enhances our competitive edge but also strengthens the value proposition presented to our government clients, increasing the likelihood of securing contracts. Regular analysis and feedback from pursuits that resulted in success provide valuable insights for refining and enhancing future strategies. This iterative approach ensures that we remain agile and adaptable, staying ahead of industry trends and evolving client needs. As the landscape evolves, this focus positions us to not only secure immediate wins but also to build a sustainable and resilient business development strategy forthe future.

Investments in our Talent & Technologies

Our strategic success begins and ends with our people. Our Government Services Strategy will continue to be fortified by the power of our expertise, that has spanned the test of time —with longstanding delivery in supporting the U.S. National Security Mission for more than 120 years, on thousands of projects, in 171 countries.


We are making significant investments in our people, while broadening our talent reach to both retain and attract the best in the industry, as an ‘Employer of Choice’. With a number of initiatives to support this growth, we continue to build an open and collaborative environment, embracing D&Z’s eight tenets to build a winning culture, while working to foster a growth mindset across all levels, for our employees. Supporting this mission requires the most innovative solutions, in order to stay ahead of today’s evolving threats. It is incumbent that we support our teams with the best technologies and processes available. We are currently reviewing potential investments in a wide variety of areas that support giving more tools to our people including: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML); Research and Development (R&D) and innovation focused on data-driven processes and optimizations; with added improvements in agility, scalability, and our ability to deploy quickly.  

I want to thank our employees for their hard work as we successfully deliver on some of the most complex missions in the U.S. and around the world. Our mission and work are some of the greatest sources of pride for our employees, meanwhile serving as the vehicle that will bring us future growth and success for Government Services. As we look to succeed and remain a leading USG partner, we are in control of our own present actions, writing history through our work. Our highest level of daily performance will translate to the vitality of our Government Services business for generations to come.

In closing, we begin to prepare for winning new work on ‘day one’ of new contracts by hiring great people, empowered with the tools to achieve mission success and deliver great customer service!


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Doug Magee

Doug Magee is President of Day & Zimmermann Government Services. Day & Zimmermann’s Government Services Group is an integrated provider of mission support solutions to the U.S. Government and commercial clients. Whether the workforce is designing facilities, or operating and maintaining safe locations and assets, the Group’s combined services support the national security mission in the U.S. and abroad.