Moving Forward Together

There have been many significant turning points in American history since Day & Zimmermann was founded in 1901. As a new US president is sworn in, and the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president is sworn in, it is certainly one of those turning points, and should hopefully signal the start of a time for healing and moving forward.

If you live in the US, no matter how you voted or how you view the events and issues raised around the recent US election, we, as a company, as members of our local communities, as Americans, and as a global community, all have a shared responsibility to do our part to move forward – together. For our US-based employees and for our international colleagues who may have observed unfolding events with concern, please know that we are committed to continuing to find ways to work together, respect one another and act according to our Company’s long-held values.

Our company values will always drive how we interact with one another. Safety, Integrity, Diversity, and Success are more than just words. They each have a place in how we act, how we speak and how we work with each other, our customers and our communities. And our brand promise, “We do what we say®.” is a reminder of these values, and our pledge to follow through on those words and our commitments.

Now is the time to take a collective breath and recommit to a path forward that is respectful, thoughtful and collaborative. Day & Zimmermann is a safe place where we can all share views and ideas, and is no place for hateful speech or actions. Our policies on this point are clear and will be followed and enforced. I am proud of all of our employees who constructively spoke up this year, respectfully discussed tough issues and who continue to make this a better place by bringing diverse points of view. And I am especially proud of our employees currently working to protect our democracy around the world and today at the Capital through their service in the US National Guard. We still have work to do, but I encourage you to help us to continue to move forward within our company, as a nation and around the world.

As we celebrate 120 years in business this year, I ask that you help to make this a year of positive change. Please do your part to set an example and show everyone inside and outside of Day & Zimmermann how a values-based organization can be successful, be a great place to work, and have a positive impact on our country and the world.

Thank you for all that you do for Day & Zimmermann. Please stay safe.

Hal Yoh
Chair and CEO

Hal Yoh

Hal Yoh is chair and chief executive officer of Day & Zimmermann, a leader in construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and government agencies around the world. He is the third generation of the Yoh family to lead Day & Zimmermann—a family-owned business and former recipient of the U.S. National Family Business of the Year award. As chairman and chief executive officer since 1999, Hal has helped shape the strategic growth that the company has achieved over the last few decades.