Making Day & Zimmermann and Our Country a Safe Place for All

This week we again experienced another tragedy, this one involving the murder of several women of Asian descent – another example of the alarming rise in hate crimes and intolerance happening across our nation. I am saddened by these latest acts and the continuing racial injustices experienced by our communities of color.

I want to assure you that we will continue to strive to make Day & Zimmermann a safe place for all. As executive sponsor of the Multicultural Resource Group (MCRG), I am continuing to work to understand and stay connected to the issues our employees confront daily. While I can’t walk in your shoes, I will continue to work to support as an ally any changes that can be made to make our company a better place.

As always, the safety of our employees, both inside and outside of our workplaces, is paramount to me and to our leadership – and always will be. This includes physical as well as psychological safety. No act of intolerance, discrimination, hatred or intimidation will be tolerated against any employee, customer or supplier of our company. Our policies are clear and will be enforced.

The strength of our company will always be in our diversity and our strong commitment to our values. These values of Safety, Integrity, Diversity and Success speak to a culture that allows everyone to bring their whole selves to work, and to openly and inclusively share ideas to make us all more successful. That is the company I want us to be.

I hope that you will join me in working at whatever level you can in your community, in the workplace and in your families to promote tolerance, diversity and inclusion. These senseless acts, like many others in the past, are reminders that we all need to remain vigilant, work together, and mostly importantly, move forward together as a company and a nation.

Please stay safe.

Hal Yoh
Chair and CEO