Enhancing Our Culture for Growth!

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the business world, it's crucial that we not only adapt, but thrive. In this journey toward continued success, our culture plays an irreplaceable role. It's not just about what we do, but how we do it, and who we are while doing it.

Our values—safety, diversity, integrity, and success—have been the cornerstone of our organization's identity. They've guided us, kept us grounded, and shaped our interactions with each other and the world around us. These values have been the compass, pointing us in the right direction. But today, we stand at the precipice of something even more extraordinary, something that demands evolution and growth.

Over the last several years, our CEO, Hal Yoh, has articulated a set of cultural tenets that are designed to propel us toward a brighter future. These eight tenets—being more edgy, having a learning mindset, creating a passion for winning, being inclusive and diverse, giving every employee a voice, being collaborative, being agile, and having a sense of urgency—serve as the framework upon which we will build our path to excellence.

1. Being More Edgy: It's about embracing innovation, taking calculated risks, and challenging the status quo. We should never fear pushing boundaries or experimenting with new ideas, for it is through these efforts that we will uncover new avenues for growth.

2. Having a Learning Mindset: In a world that evolves daily, a learning mindset is essential. We must be open to acquiring new skills and knowledge, adapt to changes swiftly, be curious, and continually seek opportunities for self-improvement.

3. Creating a Passion for Winning: Winning is not just a goal; it's a mindset. We should all approach our work with a fervent desire to excel and achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves and the company.

4. Being Inclusive and Diverse: Our diversity is our strength. By embracing different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas, we enrich our culture and unlock new possibilities.

5. Giving Every Employee a Voice: Every voice matters. Encouraging open communication, listening to each other, and valuing every opinion will foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging.

6. Being Collaborative: Collaboration fuels innovation. We are at our best when we work together, combining our unique skills and talents to achieve remarkable results.

7. Being Agile: In a rapidly changing world, agility is a competitive advantage. We must be flexible, responsive, and willing to pivot when necessary.

8. Having a Sense of Urgency: Time is a precious resource, and urgency ensures we make the most of it. It drives us to act decisively and seize opportunities. It means having a plan today for what you are going to do tomorrow.

While these tenets are newer, they're not a departure from our values but rather an evolution built upon them. They will enable us to sustain and amplify our growth culture. You will continue to see initiatives and opportunities that align with these tenets. Embrace them, make them your own, and help weave them into the very fabric of our organization.

Remember, culture isn't something that's imposed upon us—it's something we co-create. Each one of us, regardless of our role, has a role to play in shaping the culture of our company. As we embark on this journey together, let's keep our values at heart, hold each other accountable, and be the catalysts for the growth culture we aspire to achieve.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to Day & Zimmermann. Together, we will evolve, we will grow, and we will achieve our goals.


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Dan Ross

Daniel Ross is Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Day & Zimmermann, a century-old, family-owned company, with $2.7 billion USD in revenue, specializing in construction & engineering, operations & maintenance, staffing, security and defense for leading corporations and governments around the world. Mr. Ross oversees all of human resources for the D&Z enterprise including talent management, talent acquisition, compensation, diversity & inclusion, labor strategy and organizational development.