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Employee Resource Groups

LGBT & Allies Employee Resource Group

The LGBT&Allies Resource Group advocates for a culture of inclusion so that all employees may participate fully in living the Company's values. We fulfill our mission through education, mentoring relationships, community service, and providing a safe haven to connect. All employees are welcome to join!

Parents Resource Group

The Parent's Resource Group (PRG) supports D&Z employees and their families by providing an inclusive network to collaborate on balancing work and family life, share parental experiences and provide learning opportunities. Each year, the PRG hosts the annual Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at headquarters in Philadelphia. All employees are welcome to join the PRG!

Multicultural Resource Group

The Multicultural Resource Group (MCRG) serves as a resource to help attract, retain, and develop people of various cultures and empower employees through networking, mentoring, career development, information sharing and community involvement activities. All employees are welcome to join the MCRG!

People with Disabilities Advocacy Resource Group

The People with Disabilities Advocacy Resource Group (PDARG) has a mission to recruit and retain more employees with disabilities by being able to better identify the right jobs for their abilities. All employees are welcome to join the PDARG!

Veterans Employee Resource Group

The Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) aims to drive initiatives and community involvement on behalf of the corporation to enhance the participation of Veterans in the Company's growth and success. All employees are welcome to join the VERG!


The Women's Resource Group (WRG) at Day & Zimmermann aspires to be a platform for employee personal development and business contribution by giving a voice to the unique views and perspectives of women. The vision is to empower and amplify our company’s community of women, by establishing paths to collaborate, innovate, promote and develop talent, and meet the needs of customers through an inclusive and connected culture. All employees are welcome to join the WRG!

Young Professionals Resource Group

The Young Professionals Resource Group (YPRG) supports the members as they develop professional skills and build mentoring and/or coaching relationships, using communications channels and corporate initiatives to foster growth in areas that interest members. All employees are welcome to join the YPRG!