Set “New Year’s Resolutions” Any Time of Year

The turn of the calendar seems to be one of the strongest triggers for people to reflect on where they want to achieve more or be better, and that’s why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. When adhered to, New Year’s resolutions can be a great mechanism for achieving personal or professional improvement.

While it certainly makes sense to use Jan. 1 as a starting point, don’t let the date limit you. Situations and circumstances change over time. As the year progresses, if you identify something you want to eliminate or build upon or improve, go for it. If you do set New Year’s resolutions, they’re not set in stone, so don’t be afraid to change them if it’s for the better (but remember that just because they’re not set in stone doesn’t mean you should let them fail). If you don’t set New Year’s resolutions, be open to growth and bettering yourself as the year progresses and you may find yourself achieving things you didn’t even realize possible at the start of the year.

As an organization, our employees work together, identify and make positive changes, and support each other to achieve our goals. If we stay committed, we’ll be better positioned for a strong 2019, and for the long term as well. I certainly encourage betterment from everyone, both personally and professionally. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Hal Yoh

Hal Yoh is chair and chief executive officer of Day & Zimmermann, a leader in construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and government agencies around the world. He is the third generation of the Yoh family to lead Day & Zimmermann—a family-owned business and former recipient of the U.S. National Family Business of the Year award. As chairman and chief executive officer since 1999, Hal has helped shape the strategic growth that the company has achieved over the last few decades.