Priority Next-Gen

From CampdenFB

Bill Yoh, the third-generation family member of American defence and engineering family business Day & Zimmermann, isn’t about to become a number any time soon.“We don’t want to contribute to statistics about families that, at some point, decided to sell the business or remained distant from it,” he says.

“Whenever we move into the fourth, fifth or sixth generation of Yoh family ownership, there will be someone to keep the family in the business and the business in the family for generations to come. We are trying to think not five years from now, but 20 or 50 years from now.”

The 41-year-old next-gen, who is the chief customer officer and owns the company along with his two older brothers Michael and Harold, is seriously committed to the business. “Our motto is: if we don’t have a thriving, growing family business then we are in trouble. And if we don’t have owners of all generation feeling some form of affiliation or connection to the business, then we are in trouble.”

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