Joel Capperella: Attract talent by building the IT community at large

From Computerworld

It has long been understood that IT organizations need to invest in their employees. By continually growing their teams' skills, managers build the infrastructure of talent their companies need in order to swiftly capitalize on the latest advances in technology. And focusing on training and development also helps management engage with the workforce in a way that often leads to increased employee loyalty and lower staff turnover.

Today, internal training is just one example of what IT leaders must do to adequately nurture talent. In fact, there is a growing need to extend your development efforts beyond your current staff to the labor market as a whole.

But why should you spend time, effort and potentially dollars on people who don't work for you? Because investing in the development and engagement of all IT professionals will improve the level of talent available to your company and to the entire ecosystem in which your company does business. And when properly executed, efforts to develop outside talent can enhance your company's reputation as an employer.

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