Day & Zimmermann is an experienced leader in full-service security management with a global footprint that showcases our ability to support and achieve our customers' objectives in any corner of the world.

We provide security services for a diverse customer base including individuals, domestic facilities, nuclear power plants, and military bases. Our competencies also include security training for military, police, and corporate personnel that covers the latest techniques and force protection strategies including:

  • Personal weapon handling
  • Off-road vehicular maneuvering
  • Planning/executing convoy operations
  • Other military and SWAT-related requirements

Day & Zimmermann's capabilities include providing large-scale protective services and Special Operations Training in a wide variety of environments. With experience that ranges from Iraq and Afghanistan to domestic operations, our protective services force is one of the most capable, advanced and highly-trained operating around the world today.

Our customers include the U.S. Departments’ of State, Defense, and Energy, as well as other government agencies. Our vision remains focused but flexible, as preparedness and responsiveness to current and emerging threats drives our evolution and future growth.